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Writings and Poetry from Father Fernando Torres

The Call of God

We contemplate Christ with the greatness of his message, with the sanctity of his life and with the divinity of his origin, but at the same time, Christ wants his disciples to recognize the path of his passion, his death and his resurrection as the fulfillment of the divine work to take us to eternity.

Every day Christians are confronted by an easy path, with assurances that lead us to compete from our selfishness, with our passions and our greed, to achieve the conquest of a life that we do not know and that it is contrary to what we live daily. Today it is so difficult to know a true wisdom, where the purity of heart, being understanding and docile, being merciful and producing good fruits, practicing justice to achieve true peace and being sincere is a requirement.

For all Christians there is always an invitation from Christ to make us see that our vocation as Christians must be witnesses of Christ, being his disciples, with his wisdom, with his values ​​and with his great love.

Today we can say that all of us should be like a catechist, who lives a special relationship with Christ and teaches children with a special art, with a gift illuminated by the Holy Spirit and with an effort to be for each child an example of life, a model of a Christian and an invitation so that everyone can feel the call of God to live as part of his people, as part of his mission and with a great vocation of service and dedication.

Today we refer in a special way to the people who generously dedicate their time and their talents to collaborate in the formation of the faith of our children and young people. That is why we ask God in a special way for each and every one of them so that the grace of God always accompanies them, transforms them constantly and inspires them with words and works that help to communicate the true divine wisdom. Thanks to all of them for their dedication to make Christ known in our world.

Also, I would like to remind all parents of the mission they have to educate their children in the faith with the characteristics of the catechists, with reliability and experience of the gift of faith in the midst of their families, with divine wisdom and with the human love of being parents, educators and responsible for the faith of their children. Parents are the ones who should welcome their children as a gift from God, love them with works of true education that will allow their children not only to receive the sacraments, but to have the experience of the true God and to develop their commitment as disciples of Christ and members of the Church.

Parents should also make the practice of faith, the teaching of prayers, of truths, of values ​​and the application to the daily life of all evangelical values. The need to praise God and celebrate the mysteries of our salvation every Sunday with our parish community, the great gift of participating, helping and serving others in the community to grow in the experience of true charity, so that with their action may strengthen the faith of their own children, of the young people of our community and of so many others who need their active faith to be effective in the Church, in the family and in our faith.

It is up to all of us to help and serve so that children can be present each week in the catechesis, in the celebration of the Sunday Mass and in the growth of their faith, especially in the family environment. Let’s all work for this intention.

~~~Father Fernando Torres, September 17, 2018


We ask you for all human beings;
Who you created and gave them the gift of working
To labor and transform the Earth,
Seeking sustenance and full realization.
We ask you for all the professions
To serve the development of people,
Reaching human and Christian dignity,
In the humility of service and love
Building bonds of true fraternity.
We ask you for all the families
So that parents always have work,
And do not lack the sustenance of children,
And their work is a source for loving the family,
Helping everyone to share with joy.
We ask you for employers and employees;
So that their labor and social relations,
are always inspired by the good will,
To make their businesses and jobs
True sources of humanity.
We ask you for all the workers
To live in harmony with the faith
And enlighten their work with your gospel
To be freed from the mistakes of selfishness
That puts the world in consumerism.
We ask you for so many migrant workers
Who have had to leave their families
and have fallen into exploitation and injustice;
And absorbing them, enslave them and destroy them,
Removing their rights and their dignity.
We ask you for those who lack work,
For those who have no chance to work,
For those who don’t have food to eat
or live without dignity with those in their home,
So that charity is not missing.
We ask you to lighten with your spirit
Those who work with the desire to serve,
Those who struggle to achieve justice,
Those who strive every day to help
For the unity to be lived and peace be achieved.

~~~Father Fernando Torres, August 28, 2018



Statue of the Blessed Mother in the Adoration Chapel

Lord Jesus:

On this day we celebrate the Assumption of Mary into heaven:
We do not only recall that the Father has loved her always;
That he chose her, filling her with all of the necessary graces,
But also that he invited her to be the first tabernacle of the world,
Covering her with the power of the Holy Spirit.

We recall also that she made you flesh and she brought you into the world,
That she visited Elizabeth and shared you with humanity,
Also, that she defended you when you were born, escaping with Joseph to Egypt
And that she looked for you with despair when you were lost in Jerusalem.

We recall your intercessory presence at the wedding in Cana
When she went out to visit you while you were announced to the multitudes
But her silence was transformed into love walking with you to the cross
And remained with your disciples during Pentecost

The Church not only recalls those moments, but also
When Mary died, and you carried her to heaven as she lived in the world:
Full of grace, body and soul, like the servant of God
Full of love and humility by being the disciple of the Lord,
Full of joy by being the first one to participate in the glory of God.

Today as her children, we ask the Blessed Virgin Mary in heaven
To let us be happy for her presence next to her beloved Son
And for her triumph and her joy to participate in the fullness of life,
And to encourage us to follow Christ, in faith, teaching and works.

Today our faith lets us see heaven as our goal;
Your maternity extends to all the disciples of your Son,
Because he incarnated the truth and brought it with love to the world
And gave us the hope to live the glory of the Church.

Today our celebration permits us to see our community
That suffers in a world without faith in our Lord
Without faith we suffer poverty, oppression, mistreatment and slavery
And many people profit from war, sadness and illness.

Our pain is because we stop being brothers and sisters
We forget that the goal of life is to arrive at God
And we have ignored the joy to be children in the Church
Serving to the world as the witnesses of your resurrection.
We ask that the glory of God shine in all your children. Amen.

~~~Father Fernando Torres



20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Another Sunday to contemplate the great gift of the Sacred Eucharist which invite to all of us to get close as true disciples of Christ, aware of his divine presence at the altar recognizing his real presence in the bread and wine. The readings of this Sunday remind us that God himself has built the house, has prepared the table and offers the banquet for all, calling them to forsake the ignorance and to go forward on the path of prudence. In our Christian life we do not stop contemplating into the mystery of the Holy Eucharist. We cannot fail to know every day more and to prepare our life to receive the Body and the Blood of Christ. Therefore, I invite you to reflect on the real presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. Jesus himself invites us from the Gospel of this Sunday, presenting himself as the living bread that has come down from heaven to give us eternal life, to resurrect us and to remain in Him. Remember that God himself is waiting for us every Sunday at the feast of the Holy Eucharist. Do we arrive on time to thank the invitation and to participate in fullness in such a special encounter and a sacred banquet with Him and which God himself wants to nourish us? Does our celebration count with the participation of the songs? Does our praise to God have the presence of the Holy Spirit? Does our attention to the readings and the homily help us to know the will of God? When we receive Christ in the bread and in the Eucharistic wine, are we in true communion with his will? Do we live what we receive and keep him present during the week? When we receive Christ, do we enjoy and value his kindness to us by offering to eat his body and to drink his blood? Are we aware of the presence of Christ in the celebration and dedicate ourselves to participate with the sheer faith that we are before Christ? That will make us not get distract by our conversations, by answering the cellphone, to leave before the end of the celebration and much less to do something that may cause other to be distracted or to set a bad example for others in the community? At the end of the Eucharist and heading towards our homes, do we echo the gospel we just have received, the love of God that we have celebrated and the banquet we have participated in? Let’s ask God to help us all to live our Sunday Eucharist as the encounter with God, where He instructs us, nourishes us and strengthens us to reach eternity, united with him and with our parish community.

-Father Fernando Torres


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