Knots of Love Ministry



The Knots of Love Ministry at St. Bernadette’s parish consists of a wonderful group of ladies who knit and crochet prayer blankets and shawls for a variety of people—not only parishioners.

They provide prayer blankets and shawls to people who are

· homebound

· ill

· hospitalized

· in nursing homes

· people receiving dialysis

· someone going through a rough time that needs a hug

· someone in hospice (transition care)

In addition, they also give blankets to veterans.  There are several ladies in the group who are the spouses or mothers of veterans.  Caring for veterans is very near and dear to them.   An example of a blanket for a veteran in pictured here. 

If you know of anyone who can benefit from this ministry with a prayer blanket or shawl, please let us know. 
Contact Grace McNally at 919-810-7371 or email at