Bulletin Submission Guidelines

Submitting Announcements in the Bulletin

To submit an announcement to the Bulletin Coordinator, you may compose the text in a Microsoft Word document and attach it to an email, or write it directly in the body of the email. If you do not have access to email, you may print the announcement and bring it to the Parish Office before the deadline. Any submitted photos and graphics must be created in high resolution and saved in high resolution TIFF or JPEG files.


Please send an email to the bulletin coordinator at office@ at least two (2) weeks in advanced.  Thank you!


Announcement Contents

Please include the following details in the announcement:

  • What?
  • When? (includes date and time)
  • Where?
  • Contact Information: Name, Email and Phone number

Additional Information Required

  • Run dates for the announcement*
    (For most events or activities, publication of an announcement in two or three bulletins is sufficient).
  • All insert pages to be included in the bulletin must be pre-approved. The inserts must be provided by the parish ministry or organization.  Placing the insert pages into the bulletins is the responsibility of the parish ministry or organization.  

Note: The editor reserves the right to edit an announcement for space or content.

*Sometimes a run request cannot be honored due to space limitations.

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