Thank You From the Migrant Workers and Migrant Ministry

Thank you, Gracias, and Thank you!        

To all of you who responded to the need of boots and clothing  for the migrant ministry.   We were pleasantly surprised to find all the clothing and especially the amount of shoes/boots that were so needed by the men.  The Holy Spirit called and you responded.

We volunteers were excited watching these men going through the clothing knowing that their smiles were exhibiting their inner excitement.  I’m sure that they too would want to extend their thank yous to all of you who donated.

Although the donations provided helped many men, we still need shoes/boots and clothing.  You may want to spread  the word to your family and friends.  The men will continue to need your charity throughout the picking season. 

Again Thank you and  God Bless

Migrant Ministry Volunteers

Mens Work Boots, Clothes Needed!!

The migrant workers are in the fields picking the crops under the extremely hot sun.  These men come to the area from Mexico with hardly anything in their bag/s but come to provide a better life for their families back home, whom they only communicate with cell phone or skype.

St. Bernadette CC has been a “refuge” for these workers during the picking season for a number of years.  Identifying the need, this ministry was initiated as a deanery wide effort that was based at St. Bernadette Parish and staffed by Sister Kitty.  It then became a parish based effort that was led by three St. Bernadette Parish volunteers,  and later incorporated into the mission of the church under the office of social outreach.

Drivers were organized to bring the men to mass, other parishes and churches were recruited to provide a meal, and a weekly clinic was made available.

This is a brief history of the ministry and continues to be important to not only to the recipients, but also to the spirit of charity shown by the parishioners of St, Bernadette CC, parishes within the Diocese of Raleigh, and other denominations.

We have been blessed with dedicated volunteers and donations but we need more help and donations, especially clothing.  One of the major contributor of clothing and shoes for years, Swift Creek Baptist Church, has closed their ¨Clothing Closet¨.  So it´s up to us to donate our worn clothes and shoes.  Articles we may not have used for some time  and say to ourselves that one day we will get rid of when we have time.

Now is the time!

The following items are urgently needed for men only.

  •  Sneakers and work boots Men’s sizes 8.5-11? NO LARGER!
      Cotton work pants, not denim, sizes 32-34-36-38.

  • “clean clothes in good, wearable condition.”

  • PLEASE bring all to church hall on Sunday morning and leave the donations by the kitchen, for distribution on Sunday afternoon at the migrant meal.


 See Thank You post  7/25/17

Drivers Urgently needed for the Migrant Worker Ministry!

Please consider driving these hard working men to Mass during the growing season.  You will find it a very rewarding experience and find yourself enjoying the friendships that develop during the season.

The driver that lives close to the airport camp near Buies Creek is having health issues and a parishioner who lives in that area should consider this ministry.

Pray and listen to Our Lord asking you for your time and charity.

Habitat for Humanity needs you.

On August 3,4 and 5 St Bernadette’s along with Wake Habitat will be working on a

house at 636 St. Vincent Dr, Holly Springs. The homeowner Irene Keith, lives in the

home with her elderly mother, children, and several foster children. We will will be

building a ramp, repairing the fence/gate into back yard, repairing some brick

mould/trim, painting window trim/back door/porch/porch rails, as well as some

other small fixes around the house. This is a great project and if your interested in

helping go to Wake Habitat web site under Home Preservation to sign up for one of

the days. Any questions you may contact Ron Dahulich at