2015 – 2016 Pastoral Plan

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July, 2015 – December, 2016

Parish Mission Statement

We firmly believe in God’s love and we commit ourselves to serve Him and welcome Him in one another. The mission of the St. Bernadette Parish is as follows:

“We are a multi-cultural Catholic Community where everybody is welcomed and the needs of our parish are ministered to by one another. We work toward celebrating the Presence of God and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in our midst.”

With God’s grace, we will work to fulfill this mission through the collaboration of all parish members. We do this as members of the Universal Church, the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh and in union with the Holy Father, our Bishop and our Pastor.

Pastor’s Vision Statement

Being aware of the richness of our congregation’s diversity, our pastoral plan must reflect and respond to its richness and growth, while being faithful to God, the Church, and our neighbor.

Our plan has the goals and the challenges that will inspire us to live as One Church and One Family:

  • United in what we believe, what we celebrate and what we live;
  • United as a family in Christ;
  • United through charity, commitment and service.

Our plan will help us to work for the parish community, the Diocese of Raleigh and the Catholic community by utilizing our time, talent and treasure of our parishioners as one parish family. Also, the plan will help us grow in participation, in our understanding of our faith and in the living of our Catholic values.

Parish Plan Process Overview

The planning process for the pastoral plan started with seven key priorities that were established in the June, 2010 Pastoral Plan by the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh which include the five key priorities established in 2008 by the plan   of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Two additional priorities were added to meet our parish goals: effective stewardship and growth management.            

The St. Bernadette Pastoral Plan was updated according to the diocesan plan that was updated in the Fall of 2013. This update will provide the parish with a roadmap that will help us to achieve our vision of One Church and One Family , and help the parish staff and ministries to meet their pastoral priorities. This plan may be reviewed every six months and at the end of the fiscal year.

Parish Financial Environment

The current financial situation of the parish is stable and has been significantly improved during the last five years . There has been an increase in the offertory and there are no new plans for capital projects. Besides, the Pastor, the Parish Advisory Council and the Finance Council have made decisions to keep tight cost controls.

The parish has a positive cash flow on a monthly basis, an emergency account for major repairs, but is highly leveraged from recent capital expenditures for a Learning Center and expansion of the existing parish hall and sanctuary.   Our parishioners continue being generous contributors to the collections and a significant percentage of them are volunteering their time.

The parish financial challenges going forward include:

  • Maintain improvements in operating revenue in a challenging economic environment
  • Additional requests for financial support from areas external to the parish
  • Continue to maintain tight cost controls with our aging parish assets

Parish Priorities & Goals

 The diocesan plan served as an umbrella to establish the parish priorities and goals for all major parish initiatives.

  • Priority: Promote The Life and Dignity of the Human Person.
  • Parish Lead: Pastor & Pastoral Staff
  • Timeline/Key Dates: Being Determined


Parish Goal-A: Utilize diocesan resources to provide parish education on the social mission of the parish and its parishioners.

Parish Goal-B: Continue supporting the parish social outreach plan to continue the social mission of the parish by utilizing diocesan and Catholic Charities resources.

Parish Goal-C: Utilize diocesan guidance and resources to increase parish awareness and education on key social justice issues, such as justice for immigrants.

Parish Goal-D: Promote the new Pope Francis Encyclical “ Laudato si” through workshops to all ministries, committees, groups and Staff of the Parish.  


Priority: Focus On Faith Formation And Sacramental Practice.

Parish Lead: Pastor, Faith Formation Office & Liturgy Committee

Timeline/Key Dates: Being Determined

Parish Goal-A: Enhance the parish Faith Formation Program and its staff to better serve the parishioners with focus on spirituality, organization, communication, education and participation..

Parish Goal-B: Engage the parish youth in the ministries and parish activities to ensure spiritual development and stewardship.

Parish Goal-C: Create a Parish Faith Formation Planning and Oversight Committee to ensure that all parish education needs are met and obtain the necessary resources to meet this goal.

Parish Goal-D: Implement the Diocesan Confirmation Norms by utilizing diocese workshops, in-service trainings and webinars.

Parish Goal-E: Implement Norms & Guidelines for Liturgical Ministers, as the diocese requires them.


Priority:   Promote Cultural Diversity.

Parish Lead: Pastor & Pastoral Staff

Timeline/Key Dates: Being Determined

Parish Goal-A: Utilize diocesan cultural diversity trainings, materials and resources to develop a stronger parish cultural diversity plan, that will include education and cultural awareness.

Parish Goal-B: Integrate the diocesan faith formation requirements in English and Spanish into the parish faith formation classes.

Parish Goal-C: Ensure that our multi-cultural parish population is represented in all parish councils, committees, education, planning, communications and celebrations.


Priority:   Promote Vocations to the Priesthood and Consecrated Life.

Parish Lead: Pastor & Pastoral Staff

Timeline/Key Dates: Being Determined

Parish Goal-A: Utilize the diocesan plan for the Promotion of Vocations to promote vocations through prayer and awareness.

Parish Goal-B: Promote parish vocations awareness in our parish young adults by participating in the diocesan vocation discernment and awareness programs into the parish youth and young adult programs.

Parish Goal-C: Promote stories of the Priesthood and/or Consecrated Religious Life into the parish communications.  

Priority:     Implement the Pastoral Initiative On Marriage And                Support Of Family Life.

Parish Lead: Pastor & Pastoral Staff

Timeline/Key Dates:   Being Determined

Parish Goal-A: Provide and/or improve the parish marriage preparation program in Spanish.

 Parish Goal-B: Promote marriage enrichment programs such as Marriage Encounters and The Third Option.

Parish Goal-C: Establish and implement a successful marriage recognition program, such as newlyweds, 25th, 30th and 50th+ year anniversaries and other marriage success stories.


 Priority:   Practice The Effective Stewardship of Resources.

 Parish Lead: Pastor, Finance Committee & Parish Advisory Council

Timeline/Key Dates: Being Determined

Parish Goal-A: Utilize the diocesan “Sharing Our Blessings“ program on an annual basis to strengthen the parish offertory and volunteer processes.

Parish Goal-B: Develop and implement a parishioner talent, skill, treasure and volunteer process to “Know Our Parishioners”.

Parish Goal-C: Develop and implement a common parish recognition process for effectively recognizing parish volunteers, new parishioners and stewardship.

Parish Goal-D: Continue to strengthen the BAA process to improve parishioner participation & support.


 Priority: Plan For The Effective Management Of Growth.

 Parish Lead: Pastor, Finance Committee & Parish Advisory Council

Timeline/Key Dates: Being Determined

Parish Goal-A: Gather & maintain statistical information, including community growth projections and other pertinent data, relative to the areas served by the parish.

Parish Goal-B: Develop a 3 to 5 year parish facilities plan, including facilities utilization, maintenance and needs, to ensure that adequate usable physical resources are available to support the parish needs.

Parish Goal-C: Improve the efficiency and capability of the parish by effectible implementing and managing information technology resources that will enable effective management, communication and administrative processes to advance the mission of Saint Bernadette Parish.

June 30, 2015


2015 Pastoral Plan  (PDF Format)